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Apples's Financial Results For The First Quarter of 2014

On Monday Apple announced financial results for the first quarter of 2014. It appears to be the strongest ever quarterly earnings.
We mention that the company’s financial year begins in October, accordingly the first quarter ended in January and we have an opportunity to learn about financial results, so :
Financial Highlights:
. Income - 57 billion dollars( in the same period last year - 54 billion dollars)
. Net Income - 13 billion dollars (in the same period last year - 13 billion dollars)
. Profit Share - 14 dollars( last year - 13 dollars)
. Funds - nearly 159 billion dollars
In this infographic we have  changes of revenue and net profit from fourth quarter of 2011 including fourth quarter of 2013 year.

Sales Amount :
. iPhone - 51 million devices (in 2013 - 47 million devices)
. iPad - 26 million devices (in 2013 - 22 million devices)
. Mac -4,8  million devices (in 2013 -4.1 millions of devices)
. iPod -6 million devices( in 2013 - 12 million devices)
Apple’s profit grows from each sold iPhone and iPad :
Plural dynamics of iPhone Ipad and Mac in the past three years:

Apple Store:
.Revenue from Apple Store - a billion dollars
.114 million users visited Apple’s stores in one quarter
.Apple’s store is serving 21 thousand costumers every week

As expected in all respects the first quarter appeared strongest ever quarterly earnings.