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Apple Security Fix Coming Very Soon

Apple has finally confirmed that a fix to the security problem found earlier in OS X will be coming "very soon". While we still don't know how much time is implied under "very soon", one thing is for sure that the programmers at Apple are doing their best to address this huge security flaw as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the list of the affected applications is considerable longer than initially thought. The root of this security problem is in one of the software libraries and therefore any app using the library is affected. This includes FaceTime, iMessage, Twitter, Calendar, Keynote, Mail, iBooks, Software Update, and probably some others.

If you are Mac OS user, you can check your computer by visiting in Safari. However, this will only check if your computer has been affected or not. To protect yourself, try not to use untrusted and unsecured WiFi networks while traveling. Also, try to update to iOS 7.0.6 if you have not yet installed it on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Picture source: security researcher Ashkan Soltani