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phoneMiner Review

Try to live a single day without your smartphone and you will see how heavily we depend on our mobile companions these days. The digital content that we create and consume has increased dramatically these past couple of years and there seems to be no end to this trend. When was the last time you actually printed a photo? Your photos, call logs, text messages, e-mails, notes, videos, memos, calendars, documents and probably a gazillion other files live permanently on your smart-phone.

With greater power and flexibility come greater risks!

What if the unthinkable happened and you lost or damaged your device? This might well be your worst nightmare and is why all modern devices come with backup capabilities of some description, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry device.

However, there is one problem.

The backups created by these devices are not often human-readable or accessible directly by users. Theoretically, a power user may be able to retrieve their data from a backup, or so the theory goes.  In reality, it would be extremely difficult, even for a programmer, to extract all the data in reasonable time. For the average user, this task is way beyond practical.

But now, there is no need to do so - meet phoneMiner from Amrak Software. Who said that an application that specializes in complex data cryptography needs to have a cryptic GUI? phoneMiner features a clean and sleek interface and is such an easy to use tool - even your grandma would like it.

Let's see what phoneMiner can recover from your backup files:

• Photos
• Contacts (Address book)
• SMS messages
• Emails
• Calendar
• Call logs
• Movies
• Memos
• Tasks
With phoneMiner you'll be able to recover the above mentioned content, sync your contacts to Google and even transfer your data to other phones or simply export your data to Microsoft Excel, PDF, vCard, XML and more.

You can use the app with an iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry and Sony/Ericsson devices. To use phoneMiner, you'll need a Windows computer running practically any flavor of Windows, from XP to 8.

phoneMiner is free of trojans, viruses and malware and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

You have insured your health, house and car? It's time to insure your digital content too and phoneMiner from Amrak Software is your best bet yet. Sound good? Give it a try.