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You Can Damage Your Hair with iPhone 6

iPhone 6 problem saga continues with the latest "-gate" being nothing more nothing less but a hairgate. Not easy to demonstrate as a bendgate, hairgate might actually be issue. But let's first quickly overview the problem.

According to a brief post at 9to5Mac, your hair may get caught in the gap between the glass and aluminum. When trying to free it out, it hurts obviously.

Some commentators have dismissed the issue and dabbed it as a nonsense. However, given the fact that people have experieniphced similar issues with other high-end devices, it might be true. However, unlike the bending problem, this hair problem is much more subjective.

And of course, it is less costly to verify too. After all, you don't need to bend and destroy your brand new iPhone.

Does your hair get caught in the gap? Have your say.