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John Draper "Captain Crunch" Fundraiser Appeal

John Draper Illness Fundraising Appeal
Hi Everyone,

This post is our modest effort to help spread the word about John Draper's (aka Captain Crunch) illness and the fundraiser to help this legendary Apple person.

For many, he might be a stranger, but for the geeky Apple guys and gals out there Captain Crunch is a true legend.

Why Is John Draper Famous?

Not only was John Draper the 13th employee of Apple. He also developed EasyWriter, the first word processor for the Apple II, in 1979.

Voice activated menus, which you probably use regularly, was made possible by using the technology also developed by Mr. Draper.

Where Did the Nickname Captain Crunch Come From?

John Draper was nicknamed Captain Crunch because he used a toy whistle that came in a box of cereal to carry out one of the most interesting phreaking tricks. In a nutshell, the trick was that Captain Crunch could disconnect one side of a phone line whilst the still connected side of the line could enter an operator mode.

What possibilities this could give, you can give imagine yourself.

People like John Draper are driven by passion and idea, not money.

Despite his contributions to the technology, Mr. Draper is not a wealthy man and now he needs our help to fight his illness and focus on recovery.

Help John With a Donation

Thanks to the the power of the internet we can help.

The smallest donation can make a difference and it's really quick and easy to do so on the official fundraiser page organized by John's friends.

You can also support him by buying his official biography book and merchandise from this website at