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About Us

Blogvasion was born back in July 2007.

Our passion has always been with Apple products since day one. This is why we decided to dedicate our site to highlight all things related to Apple like iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macbooks etc...

We have evolved over the years trying to find out place amongst the big names in online technology magazines and blogs.

The site has always been dedicated to everything to do with the latest news, tips and products in the world of technology. We have expanded to include not only Apple only, but ANYTHING that would be useful to help people get the most out of their smartphone or computer (hopefully it's a Mac and not a PC!)

It has been great to see the Apple company evolve to become a giant in the world of computers and smartphones.

It is amazing how things can change so fast. In the past it was all Nokia, now where are they? All computers where Windows now that has been eroded a ton!

We have been dormant for a long time since 2015 and are looking to fix that by publishing new content that is more suited to our readers today and into the future.

We hope you love the exciting things to come and stay with us on our journey.

Current Editor

George Whitelock

George is a tech enthusiast. He loves being an early adopter of the discovery curve.

Having started playing with his first computer in the 1980's called ZX Spectrum, he has always loved playing and hacking with code.

Currently he is an avid Apple users having an iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, Apple TV and of course an iTunes and iCloud accounts.

He loves helping all types of users to get the most out of their devices. Be that finding the best apps to use, how to guides advice or best gadgets to buy.

He is always open to new ideas and opportunities. So if you have a suggestion then please feel free to contact him with your idea.