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Product Reviews

Get Your App or Gadget Reviewed
Are you looking to get your product reviewed?

Then we can help you get more exposure online.

Apple App Reviews

We would like to thank iPhone application developers for their efforts for making iOS an incredible platform.

Without all the choices a smartphone would just not be as enjoyable as it is.

Over the past several months we have reviewed a lot applications, both free and commercial apps.

We wanted to give as much coverage as possible to each and every application on Apple iTunes App Store.

Unfortunately, the number of review requests that we receive each week is far beyond what we can handle.

Moreover, simply responding to every developer was a tremendous task and we would like to apologize to those who never received our response within 24-48 hours.

To address the above mentioned issue, we are introducing a commercial application review service for a modest one time fee of $49 USD.

What Will You Get?

A sponsored review will get you a professional written article that will be provide both the pros and cons of an app if it is a single product review.

We also LOVE to do product roundup reviews where we share the best apps for a situation or problem. For example this one on the best apps for discovering food allergies.

Out ultimate goal is to help you as the developer get more exposure to your creation and possibly more sales if it is a paid for app, plus being helpful and useful information to people searching online.

How To Get Started

Click here to contact us so you can e-mail us your application link and a promo code to download it.

Submitting additional material (iPhone app screen shots, video, press release) is not required, but is highly recommended!

We will then be in touch with further instructions.

Other Product Reviews

If you have another tech related product you would like reviewed, then please do also contact us.

This might be cellphone covers, MacBook cases, iPad screen protectors or anything else that goes with tech and gadgets.

We love playing with the latest toys and would be more than happy to consider doing a review for you :)